Welcome to Hug Nation

“It doesn’t matter where your feet are at, it matters where your heart is at.”

About Us

Hug Nation was formed by John Halcyon in 2001 after 9/11 as a way to explore global connection using digital means.  

Weekly "digital group hugs" allowed participants to dissolve time and space and experience a new kind of intimacy.

Through the YouTube Channel and podcast, Hug Nation has become a consistent source of wisdom inspired by Alan Watts, Burning Man, & Halcyon's Grandpa, Rev. Caleb Shikles.  For 3 magical years, "Grandpa Caleb" was the Hug Nation co-host, helping form the Hug Nation foundation of Gratitude & Pronoia. (Hug Nation earned a Webby Award during those years.)
During the Covid 19 pandemic, Hug Nation added twice daily Zoom-based gratitude circles & hugs and migrated from a Facebook Group to this Mighty Community.  

The love continues to grow. 

Why You Should Join Us

The digital landscape is getting more and more treacherous.   Social Media has the potential to foster incredible connection.  But the main platforms use addictive manipulation and only value us as consumers.

This is a safe space for us to share, learn, support, and grow together.

If you have an open heart, you are welcome here.

A Big Thanks

To everyone who everyone summoning the courage to reveal their truth...nothing is more beautiful.   

This place is for you. 

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